Taiyen Tongxiao Tourism Factory is the only salt industry tourist factory present in Taiwan. It’s commitment to education in salt and water technology is promoted in a unique way as the factory itself and the surrounding attractions provide the public with both educational and recreational establishments.

No1. Taiyen Museum:
The multi-purpose exhibition room introduces high technology of electrodialysis refined salt in a fun and perceptual way by the drop of seawater travel process. Participate in fun activities and experiments for better understanding of the salt world!
No2. Salt Ancestor Statue:
It is the first statue of Salt Ancestor “Su Sha Shih” in Taiwan.
No3. Ocean Foot Spa & Cafeteria:
Come and soak up your feet under heated sea water – release pressure of your feet and enjoy delicious food and drinks offered by the cafeteria.
N0.4 Sales Center:
You can buy varied products of salt in our Taiyen Biotech sales center, including salts and seasonings, personal cleaning, health food, salt sculptures, etc.
N0.5 Cultural Creativity Salt Sculpture Area:
You will appreciate the unique salt carving art presented by Taiyen. The high degree of difficulty in salt sculpture has been overcome by the combination of creativity and high technology.
N0.6 Solar Salt Processing Plant:
The factory for crashing, selecting, drying, packaging solar salt and producing varied salt products (factory land to be).
N0.7 Drink Plant:
The factory for producing packaged drinking water.
N0.8 Electrodialysis Workshop:
The factory for electrodialysis refined salt.
N0.9 Drying and Packaging Workshop:
The factory for drying, confecting and to packaging different kinds of salt products.
N0.10 Product Warehouse:
The warehouse is for stored and transported salt products.

● 60 mins trip -Taiyen Museum > Salt Ancestor Statue > Ocean Foot Spa & Cafeteria > Sales Center
● 90-120 mins trip - Taiyen Museum > Scientific DIY activities (multi-functional classroom) > Salt Ancestor Statue >Reserved Guided Zone (factories area, no.5 to 10) > Ocean Foot Spa & Cafeteria > Sales Center.

● Visitor car parking lot-next to Taiyen Museum.
● Tourist car temporary parking area-road in front of Salt Ancestor Statue or administration building.
● Toilets located at Ocean Foot Spa & Cafeteria and Sales Center.
● Obstacle-free toilet is located at sales center.
● Obstacle-free parking lot is next to Taiyen Museum.
● Bike Staging Post:bike tire pumped up and hot drinking water supplying.
● Drinking Water Supplying:hot or cold drinking water supplying for free.

● Taiyen museum: Tuesday to Sunday 08:30am-16:30 pm(except Tomb-sweeping Day, Chinese New year’s Eve, and routing factory inspection.)
● Sales Center: Weekday 08:10am – 17:00 pm. Holiday 08:30am-16:30pm.(except Tomb-sweeping Day, Chinese New year’s Eve (half day), and routing factory inspection) .
● Accurate time is according to website.
● Reservation Hotline:037-792121 ext. 825.
● Shopping Inquiries:037-792121 ext. 823.
● Reservation e-mail:yenlai@tybio.com.tw
● Ticket:free.
● Campus Add: No.122, Neidao, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

By Car (GPS Position: lat-24.55, lon-120.72.)
  • Traveling to North on the Freeway:
    Exit the freeway No.3 at the Tongxiao Interchange. Right turn at No. 1 Provincial Road, and continue on to Taiyen Tongxiao Tourism Campus.

  • Traveling to South on the Freeway:
    Exit the freeway No.3 at 115 km, connect with Provincial Highway 61 (West Coast Expressway). Connect with No. 1 Provincial Road, and continue on to Taiyen Tongxiao Tourism Campus.

    By public transit:

  • Get off the train at Baishatun Rail Station. Walk straight to Zhongshan Rd and turn right, continue to walk(1km) to reach the Taiyen Tongxiao Tourism Campus.

  • Reservation Hotline:037-792121#825
    No.122, Neidao Vil., Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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